“I can feel you from a far.” -DBSK
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Get out. Just say that our relationship is finished. It’s over baby.



JYJ’s Nameless Song

In Heaven — JYJ

gyeolguk neoreul irkoseo seulpeoman halkka bwa

In Heaven —  JYJ

“If you love, believe always.”
— Force [Tohoshinki]

Always With You (항상 곁에 있을게) - TVXQ

“Although we are not able to see the end,
No matter how bumpy our road is,
I’ll promise you, please be mine
As much as the sun that rises above you,
I’ll keep you safe as much as you’ve waited for me.”
— Afterglow - Dong Bang Shin Ki (via tvxqjyjlyrics)


12/15 DBSK’s Performance - 忘れないで at The Secret Code Tour, Tokyo Dome

“This is a short separation to ensure the next meeting.”
— Good Bye For now [TVXQ]